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I want to make a cosmetics brand that changes facial contour a little bit every day, and wish that ID.AZ is the brand that can give you such happiness.  Instead of wrapping the brand with fancy words, I believe that investing the money on product development would move people’s hearts.  Whenever someone thinks about facial contour, we will make ID the first thing that appears in people’s minds. 

Dr. Sang Hoon Park,

Founder and CEO

Beyond Derma Cosmetic--Pla Cosmetics !

‘id Healthcare Group’ is a business that researches facial contours.

We met people who came for surgery and dermatology consultations,
but turned their backs because of psychological burden.
Seeing them, we started to research about helping them without undergoing a surgery. That was the start of ‘id Pla Cosmetics’.

Based on clinical experience over the 15 years and 830,000 clinical cases,
we are proud to extend our expertise to ‘Pla Cosmetics’.

id aims for a cosmetics brand that cares of sensitive skin as well as facial contour.  Beyond derma cosmetics - Pla cosmetics !  This is id’s philosophy.


ID products finds your face fit through + / - cosmetics along with skin care
PLUS, For Volume / MINUS, For Slimming
Finding your Face Fit is our company mission

Representing Know-How in facial skin, ID Placosemtics presents Dermastic (Dermatology + Cosmetics) for caring of sensitive skin and incorporates our accumulated know how through specialty functioning products that helps provide lifting and contouring through non-invasive Placosmetics (Plastic Surgery +Cosmetics) products. 

Coveted Korean derm secrets+Cutting-edge clinical actives for dramatic, radiant skin results.

ID Hospital, South Korea’s leading dermatology clinic, is the skincare destination for many celebrities in Asia. Founded by Dr. Sang Hoon Park, ID Hospital utilizes advanced technology and actives in their in-office procedures - treatments range from laser procedures to treat hyperpigmentation, to facials with treatment names like Water Glow and Honey Glow. Now, ID Hospital is proud to introduce Private Doctor Minus Serum - a revolutionary anti-aging serum formulated to minimize lines and create definition.


ID PLAcosmetics were developed to treat patients' sensitive skin after surgery and treatment.
The founder of ID, Park Sang-hoon, is heading a new cosmetic brand which is different from existing cosmetic brands.  This cosmetic line is created based on his 15 years of surgical experience
and the results from data collected from over 830,000 facial cosmetic surgeries.

2018 to Current

- Moving of ID Placosmetics HQ
- Launching of “ID FACE FIT” Product Line
- Lotte Duty Free Shop Launching
- Malaysia Branch Established
- Malaysia Watsons & MUSE Launching
- USA Sephora “Private Doctor by ID” Launching
- Indonesia/Thailand/Japan/China Branch
Established China CFDA Approval & Launch
(Tmall, JD, Xiaohongshu & more)
- Shilla Duty Free Launching
- Tiwan MOMO Homeshopping
“id Face Fit Line” Launching

- ID USA HQ Launched


- Launched Dermastic cica products
- Launched Face-fit products
- Development of slimming cosmetic composition,
- patent application
- Development of elastic cosmetic composition,
  patent application
- Started medical and cosmetic business with
  Suning group in China

- Pop up store at Nordstrom, USA
- Opened in Saks, USA
- Expansion of business in China (CJ IMC)
- Expansion of business in East Asia
  (Thailand, Malaysia)(CJ IMC)
- Made contracts with UK, Turkey,
  Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines

2013 - 2015

- Opened ID Dermatology
- Development of swelling removal cosmetic
  composition (RAC)
- Development of cosmetic composition
  for V-line (VLC)

- Launched ID PLAcosmetic RAC protucts
- Launched cosmetic composition complex

- Launched V logic products
- Launched Dermastic products
- Launched Skin advise products
- R&D for slimming cosmetic composition
- R&D for elastic cosmetic composition

2007 to 2012

- Development of V-line square jaw surgery
- Published in the American Journal
  of Cosmetic Surgery

- R&D for cosmetic composition for
  swelling removal
- Opened ‘Face Diet’
- Popularization of face care

- ID clinic upgraded to ID Hospital
- R&D for advanced cosmetics for V-line


id PLACOSMETICS is providing by expanding its influence as a leader of Placosmetic in Korea aw well as abroad.

Global Network

Global Network id PLACOSMETICS, which is supporting worldwide customers as a leader of Asia Beauty Center.

Local Network

id PLACOSMETICS is providing by expanding its influence as a leader of Placosmetic in Korea aw well as abroad.